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This is a sponsored review. This means I received these Havaianas as a gift, to test them and to write my opinion about it. The fact that I was gifted those Havaianas, will not affect my opinion in any way and my review will be personal, honest and sincere at any time.

How's the weather with you? Here, it's 30°C right now. I know, it's summer, but 30°C in Belgium? That's hot! Belgium isn't exactly a Mediterraan country. When we hit 25°C, it's considered to be a hot day, so we're all kinda sweating our asses of right now! ;)

Anyway, time to get those flip flops out, right? ;)

I received a couple of Havaianas a few days ago, seems like the perfect time to do a little review! ;)

The brand Havaianas was born in the year 1962. Havaianas (which means Hawaiians in Portuguese) are based on the Zori, the traditional Japanese sandals with rice straw soles. That's why the rubber soles of Havaianas are textured, to look like rice grains. And that's one of the most recognizable and unmistakable details of Havaianas. 
By 1964 practically every Brazilian was wearing a pair and they were sold on the road, directly from the vans of the distributors. 
In 1966, they patented the shape of Havaianas and in 1969, more colors were added. 
In the 90's, they first launched the printed models, which leaded to  more prints, colors and collections and by 1999, the brand was known worldwide. They even created a special, glow in the dark Millenium model in 2000! ;) 
In 2001, Havaianas launched their fashionable Special Collection, featuring exclusive details such as crystals and metal meshes, handcrafted by artisans in Northeast Brasil. 
And nowadays, Havaianas can be found in more than 60 country's worldwide.

Don't you just love the package they come in? :) Makes me think of holidays! ;)

Havaianas are made of biodegradable latex, by the way, so they have a limited impact on the enviroment.

The Havaianas I received, are the Slim Metal Mesh ones, in Café brown. Brazil's original and authentic flip flops with a handsew metallic detail on top. As you can see, these are a pair of the Special Collection models. They will cost you €55.  

Obviously, they have Havaianas in all price categories, you can get Havaianas for as little as €18.

I choose a more glamorous and fashionable pair, because I'm a sucker for bling! ;) The metallic details on top are giving these Havaianas a more feminine look and allow you to wear them while you take a walk in the city too, instead of wearing them on the beach only.

Combine these with a cute summer dress, short or maxi, and you're ready to take over the world, am I right? ;)

I ordered size 39/40 (European size 40/41), which is bigger than my normal size, but I do have quite wide feet and I don't wanted them to be too small on the sides. Besides that, I don't like to have too little space on front either. Sometimes you see people walking with their toes hanging over the front of their flip flops and it doesn't look comfortable at all. With all that in mind, I ordered the 39/40 and they fit just excellent. I have a European size 39, by the way.

Don't forget to polish your toenails when wearing sandals or flip flops! ;)

I have quite difficult feet, can't wear whatever I want because of heel spur. I wore them for a few hours and didn't had much trouble. I do think I would get sore feet if I wore them for a whole day, but that isn't because of the flip flops, obviously.

The metal pieces are hand sew onto the upper bands of the flip flop and cause no harm on your feet.

A Havaianas charm is hanging on the side of the band, to make sure you have bought the real deal. The soles also have the brands name engraved in the rubber.

The little "thingy" between the toes (I don't know how to call it, sorry! ;) Haha!), is also made from rubber, which won't hurt your feet. Some brands use plastic to create that little thingy, causing pain when you walk, but the rubber used here, is extremely comfortable. You even hardly notice it.

That picture seems to be a little bit blurry, sorry!

I'm very happy with my new Havaianas and they definitely will accompany me on my trip to Budapest in 10 days! Can't hardly wait! ;)

Get your Havaianas here. Their website is international, so you can just pick your country and order! :) You can take advantage of the "free shipping till 7 september" promotion now, so hurry up! ;)

Normally, within the European Union, the shipping costs are €4,5 for a regular shipping, €8 for an express delivery and you get free shipping when buying two pairs or when you buy over €40. Free shipping doesn't apply on express shipping delivery's though!
If you're not living in the European Union, just pick your country and choose your Havaianas, shipping costs are mentioned with every pair of flip flops!

You can pay by bank, Paypal and credit card and you have 30 days to return your Havaianas.

When ordering your Havaianas, you're even helping the environment, read all about their sustainability  here.

Getting married soon? Dreaming about a romantic beach wedding? Check out the Wedding Havaianas here! ;)

Have fun shopping! ;)

Thanks for reading!

Note: This is a sponsored post! I received the products in this review for free. Obviously this doesn't affect my opinion in any way and  this review is completely honest!  Check out my PR page for more about sponsoring please! 

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