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The products showed in this post, were gifted to me for testing purposes. The fact that this is a sponsored post, will not affect my opinion in any way! For more on sponsoring, please visit my PR page.

First of all, I'm having problems with my back and can't write long posts now, because I can't sit in my desk chair for too long (and old fashion me, I still don't own a laptop, just a desk computer. I'm running a little behind here, I guess... Haha!) I will write some smaller posts now, for a week or two I guess, and split my posts. That's why I don't treat you to a full review / swatches / looks posts today. Instead, I will start with some product pictures, to show you what I'm talking about, and some swatches. There will definitely be more soon, I will review the products and show you some looks I've made with them, but these will come later. I'm sorry and I'm hoping to be fully recovered soon! 

Some time ago, I received a package full of make up products from Technic, a cosmetic brand I wasn't familiar with before. Technic boasts an array of beautifying cosmetics and makeup accessories to create head-turning looks. They offer a huge selection of nail polishes, lipsticks and glosses, innovative mascaras and award-winning blushers. The range also includes striking, smooth application eye shadows, primers, highlighters, contouring kits and foundations. And if that's not enough, there's even more! There’s also a full collection of luscious false lashes available, ranging from dramatic party styles to more natural individual lashes that subtly define eyes. Technic is constantly updated and always at the forefront of fashion, a modern yet fun range that ensures you can always get the latest look.

Technic is one of the brands of Badgequo, a company with over 30 years in cosmetic experience, which developed a reputation for combining great quality products with unbeatable service. It's a reputation they earned by putting the customers in the heart of everything they do and that's all I'm looking for in a shop, don't you? I'm working in a store myself and for me, the service provided to the customers really is a big deal, so I'm really happy to find a shop that thinks the same way I do! ;)

Badgequo consist of three main brands, Technic, Body Collection England and Love Thy Makeup  and cover a wide spectrum of essential products and accessories to meet the ever changing needs of todays consumer. Due to the fast-paced, dynamic nature of the cosmetics industry, their core ranges are consistently updated and maintained so they can provide us with the products we want, when they are wanted. This is achieved through building great working relationships with their suppliers to ensure timely, efficient lead times are met, as well as frequent dialogue with their customers. All feedback is then passed on to their team of product developers and designers who ensure that their vast range of core products meets the high standards they set themselves with regards to quality and relevancy. Badgequo also produces an extensive private label in cosmetic and toiletry ranges, containing a huge collection of products to more specialist lines containing makeup tools, accessories or lashes.

I received a beautiful package containing 6 of their products.

The Technic Colourfix Colour Corrector Palette is a palette containing eight carefully selected pastel shades to target specific areas and create a flawless finish. The silky texture of each shade makes blending effortless, and it comes with handy hints on the back, to make colour correcting easier than ever.

Use the pink colour to brighten and the lilac to correct yellow (sallow) skin tones and bruises.
The green colour is used to minimise redness and the peach one to neutralise blue tones.
Rose is to balance out any discoloration and the silver shimmer is being uses to highlight and brighten certain areas on your face. The yellow colour is to neutralize purple dark patches and the tan can be used to warm ash colored skin tones.

I swatched the palette, take a look:

Next up is the Bronzing Baked Eyeshadows palette.

Beautiful shimmery colours! The Bronzing Eyeshadows is a beautiful range of baked eyeshadows, that include a wide range of highly pigmented shades. They promise to be easy to apply and to look great for both an every day or night out look.

The pigmentation doesn't seem to be that high, according to my swatches, but the colors are really beautiful though! ;) I guess they will look brighter when using them wet or with a primer as a base, before applying these. Well, what about that, I told you I won't do any review today and here I am, reviewing these eyeshadows! ;) Haha!

The eyeshadows are suitable for vegans and vegetarian people too and they are cruelty free. In fact, all products from Technic are, but I will tell you more about that in a second! ;)

Okay, next, we have the Technic Brow Tamer.

A cream eyebrow kit, containing 2 colors a applicators with 2 brushes and a little mascara brush. Quite convenient to have everything you need in one little kit, right? ;)

These are available in 2 versions, by the way, a medium one and a dark one. I received the medium kit, as you can see.

The eyebrow kit is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and is alcohol free.

The next product on my list, is the Get Gorgeous Highlighter, a powder highlighter that illuminates your skin for a radiant look.

Such a nice colour, isn't it? The other day, I used it on my eyelids too, to add some shimmer to the eyeshadow I was wearing that day, and it looked quite nice! The pigmentation of this highlighter is really amazing! Check out my eye make up in the pictures below:

I will add a new post soon, one with pictures of me wearing all the products, bu in the meantime, this will get you a good idea, right? ;)

The lipstick I'm wearing is this one.

Okay, over to the last two products.

I also received one of the Juicy Sticks, the colour Oxblood, to be precisely, a nice dark red shade that is suitable to use as a lipstick, or to line your lips. 

The Juicy Sticks promises to be a highly pigmented juicy lipstick in crayon style and is available in 6 gorgeous pinkish, reddish and purple shades,

Last but not least, the Vitamin E Lipstick, a lipstick with added vitamin E, available in 10 gorgeous pinkish, reddish and orange shades.

The colour I received is Bare, a slightly pink colour that will provide you with a natural look.

Like I said before, I will post a more thorough review and pictures of me wearing these products soon, so stay tuned! :)

Overall I'm very happy with these. Nice colors, nice packaging and, also important, very little prices!

Colourfix Palette: £4.17
Bronzing Eyeshadows: £3.33
Brow Tamer: £2.50
Get Gorgeous Highlighter: £2.91
Juicy Stick: £1.83
Vitamin E Lipstick : £1.66

Like I mentioned before, all Technic products are cruelty free (animal testing of finished cosmetic products or cosmetic ingredients is banned in Europe and the UK!)  and many of them are suitable for vegans and vegetarians too. In that case, it's mentioned on the product page. Read more about there cruelty free policy here.

Do you know Technic Cosmetics? Have you used their products yet?

Stay tuned for more! ;)

Thanks to Badgequo for giving me this opportunity and thank you for reading! :)

Note: This is a sponsored post! I received the products in this review for free. Obviously this doesn't affect my opinion in any way and  this review is completely honest!  Check out my PR page for more about sponsoring please! 

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