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Hi guys,

I don't have another review for you today, I felt like it was time to add some variety into my posts, don't you? ;) Also, I would like to get some interactivity into my little space here, so let's do this thing and start of with a little "this or that!" ;)

It's simple, I give you guys two pictures, two options and you choose the one that you prefer. These pictures will be about anything, they will not especially beauty related or something. Sounds like fun, don't you think? And this is the perfect opportunity for me to learn a little bit more about those people I love the most: you guys! ;)

By the way, all pictures used are from Pinterest.

Ready? Here we go! ;)

Let's begin with an easy one that pops up in any of those "this or that" questions, to warm up! ;)

Source: here and here.

Coca Cola or Pepsi? I prefer Coca Cola myself. I just don't like the taste of Pepsi that much. In my opinion, Coca Cola is the better one. But I prefer to drink tea, Red Bull or Fanta, to be honest! ;)
Source: here and here.

Heels or sneakers? Well, for me, that's a tough one. I do like them both, especially the ones of the picture, but my feet won't be very happy if I walk around on heels like that all day.  I do prefer heels for partying and a night out and I choose sneakers for working and on the streets during daytime. My feet will thank me for that! ;)
Source: here and here.

This is one my daughters came up with. Straight hair or curly hair? You get the picture, my oldest daughter has straight hair and my youngest daughter has a whole head full of curls! ;) I have straight hair myself  and I wished I had curls, so I'm gonna go with the curls here! ;)

Together with my daughters, I've been watching Twilight today. I remembered reading online that fans over the whole world initially had another Edward Cullen in mind, but author Stephenie Meyer did choose  Robert Pattinson after all, because that other guy was too old. So... You know what I'm going to ask you, right? ;) Gaspard Ulliel or Robert Pattinson? ;)
Source: here and here.

I'm a huge Gaspard fan myself, I mean, look at that guy! ;) I've seen Gaspard in Hannibal Rising for the first time, and he's my newest celeb crush since that moment, so it won't be fair to ask me that question... ;) By the way, he was excellent in A Very Long Engagement an Saint Laurent too. Or you could noticed him in the Bleu de Chanel commercial, you know, that press 

conference commercial with the guy who doesn't know what to say when he spots his blonde crush in the audience. So he says
"I'm not going to be the person I'm expected to be anymore." Makes sense, isn't it? ;) Haha! Anyway, I've read that Stephenie's opinion was that Gaspard was too old to play the rol of Edward Cullen and she didn't consider anyone over 21 years old back then. Gaspard is turning 32 this year (he's my age! Damn!), so he 's definitely older than Robert, but to be honest, I think he makes a far better Edward than Robert ever did! Sorry girls, but that's my opinion! ;) 

Before we go to our next question, let me share a quick picture of  Gaspard as he is looking today:

Damn! ;)

Okay, back to our questionnaire (look at that French, Gaspard, who's French himself, would be so proud of me! ;) Haha!)
Source: here and here.

Cute little kittens or cute little puppies? ;) I adore pugs, so I would say dogs, but I love cats too. I don't have any pets myself, but I definitely want a pug someday.
Source: here and here.

Living in the big city or a cabin in the woods? I'm a city girl. I could never live in the middle of nowhere! I'm living in Antwerp, a city in Belgium, and although I'm not living in the center of the city itself, I'm still living in a rather crowded area. I literally need people and noises around me and couldn't bear the thought of living somewhere were the only thing you can hear, are birds and the wind. I think I would go crazy, really! What about you?
Source: here and here.

Imagine you have only space to take one beauty product in your bag with you. What do you take, mascara or lipstick? I would go for the mascara I think. I have naturally larger lips, so I don't need anything to give them the attention they need... ;) Mascara gives your eyes an instant open look, so I would pick mascara over lipstick. By the way, don't you just love those new jelly flower lipsticks? I know I do! ;)
Source: here and here

Silver or gold? I mainly prefer silver myself. As it comes to jewelry, almost all my pieces are silver. I owned some pairs of silver colored shoes too (never had gold ones) and all the embellishments on my clothes are silver. Gold can be pretty too, but I don't know, silver just is more appealing to me I guess. But I prefer gold tones in make up though... ;) How about you?

Well, I'm looking forward reading your answers! And if you have another good "this or that" question for me, just spill it! ;)

Thanks for reading

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