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Let me start this post by stating this is a sponsored review. I received the products as a gift, to test them and to write my opinion about it. The fact that I was gifted the products, will not affect my opinion in any way.

After hearing and reading so many good things about the American candle brand Yankee Candles, I wanted to know what the fuss was all about, so when I had the chance to test those famous candles myself, I was literally thrilled!

Yankee Candle was created by Mike Kittredge, a young student who wanted to make a christmas gift for his mother. Back in 1969, the 16 years old student didn't had much money, so he made a candle out of ordinary kitchen stuff. When a neighbor saw the candle, she convinced him to sell it to her and with the money he made by selling it, he made two new candles, one to sell and one to give to his mother. That's how Yankee Candle was born.

Today, you can find Yankee Candles stores in more than 575 locations. They have over 150 fragrances now and the candles, fragrances and accessories are available at over 35000 authorized Yankee Candle Retailers.

When you're living in Belgium or The Netherlands, you can order your Yankee Candles at My Candle Store, the Yankee Candle specialist of The Netherlands and Belgium.

The scents I ordered, are Cappuccino Truffle and Strawberry Buttercream and those are the fragrances I would like to tell you about today.

The Cappuccino Chocolate promises to be a irresistible treat for during the coffee. A combination of fresh roasted coffee and delicious, velvety chocolate. I have to admit I did smell a touch of chocolate and coffee when I brought the candle to my nose and took a sniff, so that's obviously a very good start.

Unfortunately, when lighting the candle, the fragrance wasn't that explicit. There definitely is something, but you practically have to bring your nose right in front of the candle to smell it, so you won't be able to fill the whole room with the scent and that's a little bit sad, because it smells so good. The candle was decorating and fragrancing my living room though, which is a 30m² big room, so when you put it into a smaller room, like a bathroom or a guest toilet, it probably will be scented enough to give your whole room a scent after all.

Obviously, the intensity of the scent depends on various things. Like I mentioned before, I ordered the small jar. The big jar has a bigger fire area and that's why you will smell more if you're using a big one. The wax tarts are the most intense, because their fire area is the largest.

The scent of your parfum or the odeur in in your house, are also possible reasons why you don't smell your scented candles very well. It's like having a glass of orange juice after eating peppermint or brushing your teeth, your orange juice does taste very different. It's the same with your nose.

The Strawberry Buttercream seems to have a stronger scent. These range promises to have the scent of an absolutely delicious treat of thick, sweet strawberries buried in fresh whipped cream.

When smelling the candle before lighting it, I especially smelled the scent of candles. The scent of wax that is. But when I lighted it, the room was immediately shrouded in a delicious scent. I can't say I smelled the strawberries or the whipped cream, I didn't really catch any of those scents, but it smelled good though, so that's a pro! ;)

Smelling another scent can be a hormonal thing by the way. Besides, scents are a very personal thing, after all, so it's possible you will smell a whole other scent that I did. You might smell the right scent after all! ;)

Don't get me wrong, they're both good, they both smell delicious! 

What's definitely a pro, is the jar your candles come in. Well, if you order them in a jar, that is! ;) When you order your Yankee Candles in a jar, they come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. Mine is a small one that will burn for 25 to 40 hours. I lighted it after dinner and let it burn the whole evening and I still have plenty of wax left, so you definitely will get value for your money.

The jars are made of glass and come with a little glass lid, so you can close them when you're not using them. That way, the scent won't get out. The jars are absolutely adorable and make quite a good decoration item, fitting in every interior. And if you want the colour of the wax to fit into your decor, you can just pick a candle by colour instead of by scent! ;)

The Strawberry Buttercream I ordered, are scented tea lights and they come in a pack of twelve, so you will be able to enjoy these for quite a few hours. The carton box they arrive in, is perfect for gifting them to a special someone. 1 candle will burn for 4 to 6 hours. Obviously, you can order this scent in a jar too, if you like.

The wax is poured in little plastic cups, like most tea lights and will fit in any tea light holder.

Both the jars as the carton box contains safety instructions, their weight and their burning hours, while the carton box also has a picture from the fragrance the candles contains. In case you forgot which scent it was... ;) Haha!

 Makes you hungry, isn't it? ;)

Although the candles smell really good, I do think they're rather expensive. You can get cheaper scented candles, but in that case, the real questions are: will they smell as good as these and will they burn that long too? Well, honesty, I don't know, so your experiences on this topic are very welcome! ;)

I do understand the hype, it's just too bad they're kinda pricey. Bu that is understandable too, because the candles are all natural, made out natural wax and oils, they burn for hours (really, their burning time is huge! Even for the small jars and tea lights!) and you can re-use them. When your jar is almost empty, to can melt the wax and use it on a wax burner. That way, the scent outreaches all the candles.

When you order at My Candle Store, you will be amazed by the speed in which your will be at your doorstep. I ordered my candles on august 9th and my delivery arrived on august 11th, in the afternoon. My Candle Store uses DHL for shipping and they keep you informed of every step they take. DHL also sends you an e-mail when they have your delivery, ready to bring it to you. That's an excellent service that definitely deserves to be mentioned here!

When you're living in The Netherlands and your order outreaches €30, your delivery will be free. For orders less that €30, delivery in The Netherlands will cost you €4,95. When living in Belgium, Denmark, Germany,France, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Italy, the UK or Sweden, you'll pay €8,70 for your delivery. You can also choose to pick up your candles at the store, that way you don't pay any delivery fees. You can find the store at the Hague, a city in The Netherlands. Click here to see the exact adress.

When ordering at My Candle Store, you get a few extra present too, I like that because I think it's really thoughtful of them, don't you? I'm a real sucker for that kind of customer service! ;)

You have a few options to pay for your order at My Candle Store. You can pay by bank transfer, with Ideal, Paypal or in the store itself when you're going to pick up your order yourself.

If you want to return your products, you can do so, within 14 days after you received the order. All goods should be in the original package when returning. Any returning fees are at your own expenses. Read more about shipping, and returning here.

If you have enough candles already, you can take a look at Crabtree Store, for body care and home fragrances, Batucada Store, for rubber, skinfriendly jewelry and Sensational Home, for even more Yankee Candles.

Well guys, before leaving, I just wanted to treat you to a quick picture of my burning Cappuccino Truffle candle, to share the cosy atmosphere I'm experiencing right now... ;)

Have a nice day and thanks for reading!


Note: This is a sponsored post! I received the products in this review for free. Obviously this doesn't affect my opinion in any way and  this review is completely honest!  Check out my PR page for more about sponsoring please! 

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