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As always, when writing a sponsored post, I wanna start by saying the fact that I was gifted these lipsticks to test them, wont affect my opinion in any way. Read more about sponsored posts here.

A few days ago, I received some lipsticks from a brand I wasn't familiar with: RealHer. And let me tell you this: I'm very glad I'm familiar with RealHer now! ;)

RealHer isn't just a cosmetics brand, it's a movement.
Makeup isn't just fashion,
Or a matter of aesthetic,
But a vehicle from which
We can empower ourselves to bring out the best in who we are.

RealHer was founded in 2015, created in response to the increasingly complex identity of the modern woman and born out of a passion for makeup. RealHer stands for make up that inspires. All of their products are inscribed with empowering quotes to remind you, every day, that you are unique, that you are awesome, that you are loved, and that you are everything you ought be - just the way you are.

By building not only a brand platform, but also vehicle for women to feel a sense of belonging and community, RealHer hopes to redefine our conceptualization of the modern woman in ways that empower them and make them feel confident in their own identity rather than pandering to an artificial ideal.

20% of all RealHer profits are donated to the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to support programs that empower women & girls.

As you can see, I received three moisturizing lipsticks from the RealHer debut line. All gentle, moisturizing lipsticks with a creamy satin finish, enriched with Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E.

I've  tested "Women Rule The World", which is a bold pink lipstick that you can wear with pride, "Be Yourself Be RealHer", a deep red shade for the fearless girl that is not afraid for being herself, and "I Am Powerful", a wine red colour that you can wear as a reminder how powerful you really are.

The packages of these lipsticks are so pretty. Apart from the motivational quote on the packages, there also is an engraved brand mark on the lipsticks themselfes.

The tubes arrive in a black carton package, whit the brand engraved on top. The ingredients are mentioned on the side and the front of the package tells you that these lipsticks are moisturizing.

 The tubes itselfes have a modern square shaped design and close with a white cap.

These lipsticks are so easy to apply, they really glide over your lips, leaving a bold and longlasting colour.

I've made some swatches, let's take a look:

This is how the lipsticks looks when wearing them:

I love all three of them, but the first one, "Women Rule The World" is my absolute favorite colour. I just love the pretty and girly pink tint of that one. That tint complements my skin colour and blonde hair so well.

As you can see, they all contain some shimmer, making your lips looking rather voluptuous and pretty glamorous. And like I told you before, they are really easy to apply, since they really glide over your lips. After applying, my lips felt soft and moisturized and even though the colour does smudge (I noticed the stains on my cigarette. Yes, I know, I should quit smoking, but sadly, it isn't that easy), the colors are really longlasting. When I tried to wipe the first colour off to apply the next shade, I needed make up remover to remove it, because my lips, cheeks and chin were all smudged! ;) I never owned a lipstick that lasted that long. You can go on for a few hours without the need to reapply. That definitely is a huge plus!

Another huge plus is the fact that these lipsticks are cruelty free. RealHer is certified by the CCIC and Leaping Bunny Association for its commitment to products and ingredients that are not tested on animals in any way, shape or form. Leaping Bunny is an internationally recognized certification program and what sets Leaping Bunny apart from other cruelty free programs is their strict no animal testing standards, Supplier Monitoring System, and their mandatory audits.

Besides these three colors, RealHer has two more colors available in their debut range: "I Love Myself", a pretty nude shade for women who love life and themselves, and "I define Beauty Myself", a splendid mauve tint, for the girl that is comfortable in her own skin, the trend setter, her own rockstar. This is for the girl that loves her image in the mirror.

These will cost you $13 each.

RealHer is currently creating a range of liquid lipsticks with a lightweight texture, a super intensive colour, a  ultra matte finish and beautiful names like "I'm A Rockstar" and I'm A Queen". These are long lasting and smear resistant and will be available this spring.

Refunds and exchanges can be done within 30 days and you can pay using Visa, Mastercard, AmEx and Paypal.

All my appreciation to RealHer for giving me the opportunity to review these lipsticks! Thanks guys! :)

And you, my dearest readers, thanks for reading!


Note: This is a sponsored post! I received the products in this review for free. Obviously this doesn't affect my opinion in any way and  this review is completely honest!  Check out my PR page for more about sponsoring please! 

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