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Hi guys!

This is a sponsored post. As always, I wanna make clear I received these extensions for free to test them and to write a review about them. The fact that they were free, will not influence my opinion in any way!

A while ago, I received some clip in extensions from BodyBling, a Dutch webshop specialized in real and synthetic hair extensions. With my shoulder length, over colored and damaged hair, having beautiful long hair is always been a dream for me. Let's see of my dream came true, shall we? ;)

I received the 33 Brazilian Clip in Hair Extension 60#. These are made from synthetic hair and contain 1 weft with 5 clips. The weft is 27 cm wide and 60 cm long. Their weight is 130 gr, clips included. They have a beautiful icy blonde colour.

The clips are easy to open, just press the outsides of the clip and it will pop open.

To give you an idea, in the picture above, you'll see that I opened one clip, the second one, the rest of them are still closed.

This is my real hair. I know, the picture is looking a little bit weird, but I really wanted to show you my hair instead of my face! ;)

I colored my hair yesterday, by the way, to get my colour match the clip ins. I used the colour 11.11 of the L'Oreal Preference Blondissimes range. It's still a little bit more yellow than it should be, but I guess that's because of my previous colour. You can see, my real colour and the colour of the extensions on the picture above, are quite similar.

I just realized I didn't blend my own hair quite right into the extensions. That's why you can see the difference between my own hair and the extensions in the above picture. I do have a curling iron, but it's a rather cheap one that doesn't give me the curls I want. My curls aren't quite pretty when I use it, so that's why I tried to blend it without any tools, but it's obvious you will get better results when you use a curling iron or a flat iron. I do recommend using one to blend in your extensions.

I blended mine with my hands.

When wearing them, it feels quite heavy. I'm not used to wearing extensions, but I guess you will get used to the weight when you wear them often.

These extensions are easy to apply. Like all clip ins, you start with opening the clips, part your hair where you want to add the extensions, attach the clips to your own hair, just beneath the part where you parted your hair and close them. I had to part my hair quite low. It depends on the quality of your hair, obviously, but I had to part my hair quite low because my hair is really thin and if I parted it higher, closer to the top of my head, the clips where showing because I didn't had enough hair to cover them up. 

The clothes (top and pants) I'm wearing on the picture above, are from 1.2.3. Paris by the way, the boutique I'm working... ;) 

Look at all that hair! ;)

I do have a little trick to cover up the clips though: grab a piece of hair, just above the clip, and backcomb it. Do it on both sides, front and back and let the hair down, covering your extensions. You can comb it again carefully to detangle but be sure the clips stay covered. If you need some hairspray (and your extensions can handle it!), you can use some to make sure your clips will stay covered. 

These are synthetic extensions. These can't be coloured and must be handled with care, but if you buy real Remy hair, you can treat it the same way as you handle your own hair.

When I'm not using my extensions, I like to braid them, this way they stay clean and they wont tangle that easy. Because these are made of synthetic material, they tend to tangle quite easy, so braiding them is a good way to keep and store your extensions. If you have clothing hangers for pants, you know, those hangers that pinch your pants between them, you can also use those to store your extensions, just pinch the weave between the pinchers and hang them in your closet. But braiding them will make sure they tangle less.

You can wash them using a gentle shampoo (but do handle with care!) and pat them dry with a towel. You can't use a blow dryer on these. These can be curled or styled too, but with a maximum heat of 180° C.

They do tangle very easy, that's the only shortcoming I have regarding these. Besides that, I'm very happy with these! :)

I love my long hair! ;)

BodyBling is a Dutch webshop, specialized in both synthetic as Remy hair. You can choose from a whole range of colors and styles and you can even get hair tinsels and bangs. They also offer a whole range of piercings. Not for your hair, obviously, but for your ears, belly, lip or tongue! ;) Even some make up can be bought at Bodybling, you can find these on the piercing page too.

The delivery is free of charge so you won't have to spend anything more than the official price! Awesome! And that's worth a mention, if you ask me, because you wont find many webshops that work this way, right? ;)

I'm definitely happy with my extensions and yes, I do have the hair I've always dreamed of now! ;)

Thanks to BodyBling for giving me this opportunity and thank you for reading! :)


Note: This is a sponsored post! I received the products in this review for free. Obviously this doesn't affect my opinion in any way and  this review is completely honest!  Check out my PR page for more about sponsoring please! 

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