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Note: This post was adapted from my old blog and was originally written in february 2014!

Hi ladies,

Another weekend passed. Did you have a nice weekend? My boyfriend had an extra day off yesterday, so , even we actually didn't do anything special, our extended weekend was extremely good! ;)
Jewelry. That's our topic for today. Because whether they are subtle, large, small, or fine, whether they're gold, silver or rose, whether it comes to earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, we can not have enough of them. Girls will be girls, isn't it, and the right jewelry are real eye-catchers and make our outfits complete. Well, you know what both Marylin as Nicole have said, don't you? "Diamonds are a girls best friend!" ;)
Some time ago, I had the possibility to choose a piece of jewelry at Jewels316 and today I'm happy to tell you some more about it! :)

But first, let me tell you some more about Jewels316! ;)

Jewels316 is the product of the lovely Heidi and guarantees an excellent service and advice to all clients. Jewels316 strives to answer customers within less than 24 hours and ship orders within 48 hours. Jewels316 always creates new collections that contain both trendy and timeless jewelry lines. But also the competitive prices, reliability and accessibility represent Jewels316.
The great advantages of buying online at Jewels316 includes the assurance that you always buy original articles. Jewels316 always has the latest range of jewelry on her website, for yourself or for someone else.

The free gift service is also a nice plus, because at Jewels316 you can choose to have it sent jewelry as gifts. The gift service takes care of your purchases and send them professionally packed in a nice gift box. Possibly with a personal message. Nice to surprise someone or congratulate. You do this when completing your order, you can specify this service in your shopping cart.You can also specify that a message / message that needs to be put on the card.

And high discounts and bargains are also worth mentioning, because when you register for free and without obligation to the newsletter, you will miss nothing more of the spectacular offers. I will give you even more information in a second.

Making a choice from all those beautiful items, that was the first task and let me guarantee you, it wasn't easy! ;)

Let's take a moment to look at the beautiful packaging.

In the envelope I received, there was a nice decorated cardboard box, complete with a business card tied to it, and in the cardboard box, wrapped in gray blotter, there she was: my perfect ring! Yes, a ring! :) A plus for the nice packaging! :)

Around the ring in the blotter, a pink piece of gauze was bound. A nice and feminin finishing touch.

The ring that I have received, is the RVS Basisring Zilver, a silver colored stainless steel ring from the Swarovski Wisselcollectie, which means the rings are adjustable. On the ring there's a top, a Swarovski crystal which you can screw on top of the ring, which allows you to change the look of the ring as much as you like, by adding another top on it every time you wanna change colour or look. The top is made from clear crystal and measures 10 mm. You can use the top on other jewelry too, but I'll tell you more about that in a second... ;)

The ring and the top are both made of stainless steel and as you can see, there is a small hole in the ring where you have to add the top.

As I said, these trendy rings have the possibility to combine them with different tops. The top is easy to screw on the ring. The width of the ring is 7 mm, and the ring is made of durable stainless steel of the highest quality 316L Stainless steel is a material that can not fade, that don't provocate allergic reactions, that not leaves marks on the skin, that is cheaper than gold or silver and stronger than gold, silver and other metals. The hardness of stainless steel jewelry are almost not to deform and jewelry made of stainless steel scratches much less than jewelry made of gold or silver. Gold Plating, however, can fade over time.

The silver ring will cost you € 22.95, excluding top, and for a silver top of 10 mm, you pay €12.95, regardless of the color of the top itself. A silver top from 6 mm will cost you €8.95, regardless of the color of the top and for a top of 16 mm, you pay €18.95, also regardless of the color of the top itself. With silver, I actually mean the continuation of the top ...;)

In this range are also two silver tops with a freshwater pearl available. These have a size of 10 mm and costs €15.95 each.

There are also pink gold settlements and rings available. The ring cost € 29.95 and for the tops with rose gold setting, you pay €14.95, regardless of the color of the top itself. The pink gold tops are just in a format of 10 mm available.

Purchasing a set is also one of the possibilities. The silver ring, including five silver tops of 10 mm, will cost you € 49.00. This set, however, comes from €87.70 so you still save some money! ;)

The rose gold ring, including 5 rose gold tops of 10 mm, will cost you €69.79, up from € 99.70.
In this Swarovski collection, you can also find earrings and pendants, which, of course, also have the possibility to add tops in them. These pendants and earrings are all sold exclusively the tops, so you should order the tops too when you order a pendant or the earrings.
The pendants will cost you €24.95 each and all the earrings are €17.50. The hangers or pendants are  supplied with chain and this necklace is 25,5 cm long. The pendants are available in different shapes, including a heart, a cross, a star and a circle, in which you have to screw the tops.

My opinion:

The ring is quite wide (7mm, as I have noted above), and it should suit you of course, but I personally think big and wide jewelry are really beautiful, that are the real eye-catchers, so the width of the ring doesn't bothers me at all. With a smaller top in it, the ring is likely to be a little bit less notable ...;) The fact that you can change the top of the ring to suit every mood, occasion or outfit, is obviously the biggest plus here. That's what attracted me so much in this ring and that's also the reason why I review this.
The ring radiates true glamour, very fine! :) It also combines pretty easy, a combination of larger and more subtle jewelry is, after all, also beautiful, like a combination of some flashier jewelry too but best, provided it fits naturally in your attire. In a less subtle combination, I personally would rather keep my clothes more subtle and neutral,to make the whole outfit not too notable.
The inside of the ring feels smooth and soft, not at all disturbing. The weight is not that bad. You obviously feel that you are wearing the ring (fortunately! Because losing it would be such a shame! ;) ), but actually he looks heavier than it is in reality. Nothing to criticize at all!
Because I've been sick and unfortunately a bit behind with writing my reviews, I have this ring for a while now and I wear it with great pleasure! The ring still looks great even after repeatedly wearing it. The stainless steel this ring was made of, was an excellent choice, since stainless steel is a strong, allergic free and scratchfree material. I am, in short, very happy and I'm sure I'll buy me a few other color tops! :) The ring is, is 1 word, gorgeous! :)

My score: a well deserved 9/10! :)

Should you also like to buy one of the two rings from the Swarovski collection (I wont blame you, you're absolutely right! ;) ), let me just tell you then how do you have to measure your correct ring size! ;)

The ring size is the inner diameter of the ring in millimeters.
Take a ring that well fits you on the finger where you want to wear the new ring. This is because the size of both hands is different in 90% of all cases.
Take a ruler and place the ring that fits you well on the ruler, so that the inside of the ring is on the 0 of the ruler. You can now determine the number of millimeters, this is the size of your ring.
Please note: a wide ring feels firmer and a ring where the inside is rounded, feels more spacious.

So, before I go:

Besides this Swarovski collection, at Jewels316, you can also find the very beautiful Medallion Wisselcollectie, a collection of medallions that you can fill with charms, coins, birth stones, gems and characters of your choice, so as to make your own unique piece.Also earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, jewelry sets, horoges, children's jewelry and accessories such as bags and wallets can be found at Jewels316. There's also a luxury collection and also very beautiful and glamorous Guess watches for you to buy. Gift certificates are also a possibility.

Buying at Jewels316 is safe and reliable. Jewels316 offer you a 100% secure payment through a secure SSL connection and you can pay quickly and easily secure iDEAL, PayPal or by prepayment. Additionally Jewels316 has a reliable and personalized customer service you can count on.

At Jewels316, you pay no shipping costs in the ordered jewelry. All products are sent via PostNL. If you buy stock than they ship your order within 1-2 days. If you order on weekdays before 17:00 , items will be shipped the same day or the following day. Products not in stock are delivered within 7-10 days. If this turns out not to be possible then you will be informed.

The return or exchange of products is also possible.
You have a period of 14 calendar days to send an email without giving reasons to subscribe to return the product for a return. Then you still have 14 days to return the product, starting on the day after delivery, under the following conditions:
The notice of the return must always be done within 14 days by email.The returned items must explicitly be unused, unworn and undamaged in original packaging, properly packaged and postage prepaid to be returned, accompanied by (a copy of) the invoice. The buyer gets in this case the purchase price. Not or postage due mail will not be accepted by Jewels316, whatever the reason for the return is. Amount paid will be paid back to you within 14 calendar days, starting on the day after receipt of your return in good order.
In an exchange, almost the same rules apply. You sign the exchange article by mail and send it back within 14 days in undamaged, unworn and unused condition, in original packaging, properly packaged and postage prepaid, accompanied by (a copy of) the invoice. You will account for the cost of return shipping. Not or postage due mail will not be accepted by Jewels316, whatever the reason for the return. For sending the replacement items to contribute to the delivery of 1.50 will be charged. If the item was sent by registered mail, these costs are also charged. If you have received a wrong order, Jewels316 will provide for sending the right items. Jewels316 also reimburse the incurred postage costs (stamp) in full, unless the customer has ordered the wrong product or the wrong size.
The return address find obvious on the website.

Jewels 316, is ,in addition to a shop for individuals also a wholesaler of stainless steel and silver jewelry, so it is perfectly possible, as a jeweler, or webshop owner to expand your range with steel and silver jewelry from Jewels316.

It is also possible to become a Consultant at Jewels316, for those who wants to earn an extra penny. As a consultant you organize jewelry parties to customers at home and you can have complete control over where and when you are organizing a party, making it perfect to combine with work or studies. You don't have to invest anything except some time and you get a nice collection of Jewels316 jewelry that you can sell. It is also possible to order your own business card and other supplies. You deserve a portion of the sales, soo the more you sell, the higher your earnings. A private site so customers can order through you is also possible. For a small annual fee you get a website that you can customize for you own in any layout! The orders go through them and you earn back a portion of sales. So you don't need any stock and and there's no risk! Be sure to check the terms here! :)
Regarding those jewelry parties, you can also host a jewelry party yourself. Then the consultant comes to you and organizes the party at your home.

Follow Jewels316 also through Facebook and don't forget the newsletter! ;)

Well, that's it for now! :)

What do you think of my wonderful beautiful ring? Do you find the abbility to change the tops also so convenient and fun as me? And you knew Jewels before? Ordered something already?

A big thank you to Heidi of Jewels316 to offer me the opportunity to write this review! :)

Thanks for reading! Natje

Note: This is a sponsored post! I received the products in this review for free. Obviously this doesn't affect my opinion in any way and  this review is completely honest! Check out my PR page for more about sponsoring please!  

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