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Dear webshop owner / brand manager,

Welcome! Nice to meet you!

Before we start considering a collaboration, let me tell you a little bit more about myself and Reviewed By Natje first.

About me / my blog

I'm Nathalie, a 33 years old Belgian Sales Advisor in a clothing store for ladies, a proud mother of 2 beautiful teenage daughters, a hobby photographer and, last but not least, a highly active influencer / blogger with a passion for beauty and fashion.

Reviewed by Natje is a high quality, honest, well written and internationally viewed beauty, fashion and lifestyleblog, specialized in product reviews, read by women all over the world, ages 20 and up, interested in reading about and looking at the newest trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
3 or 4 times a week, a new, interesting post is waiting for you at Reviewed By Natje.

A lot of those women that are considering to buy a certain product will brows the world wide web first, to get some more information about it before actually buying the product. You can't blame them for ensuring themself they're buying the right product and the product is worth the money, right? A lot of those women, including me, are relying on the opinions and the results of so called experts, people - often bloggers - that actually tested those products for themselfes. I created Reviewed By Natje to help these women in making decisions during their shopping process, by giving them the information they really need and by providing them with honest, thorough, expansive, well written and useful reviews.

About collaborating with me

 If your products are suitable to my blog and my audience, I will be more than happy to collaborate with you by creating an interesting and enjoyable sponsored post.

Although I do have a preference for testing products and writing reviews about them, a sponsored post can be anything you like, from a product review or an unboxing post, to an advertorial or a giveaway. It's all possible, and the final decision is all yours! 😉

Working together with a blogger is an excellent way to boost your reputation, to make a name for yourself and to increase traffic to your website, which will encourage new customers to find their way to your webshop and to buy your products, increasing your sells and your pageviews.

You may ask yourself now: "what do you, an ordinary blogger, have to offer me?"
Well, I offer you a little something I like to call the 4 Y's: quality, professionality, authenticity and credibility!

This blog is my showpiece! I understand it takes money to open a webshop or to create a brand and I do understand a collaboration is not meant to get free stuff. Bloggers that care to maintain their professionality, their standards, their quality, their credibility, their authenticity, and their reliability, work hard on their blog and every post they write. I like to count myself into that group of bloggers. In my opinion, authenticity, professionality, quality and credibility are the four most important features in a blogger and these features should be visible in every post a blogger writes too!

For me, it's important to truly work together, to help each other, so that everyone (blogger, reader and webshop / brand) can reap the benefits of a collaboration.
That's why my reviews always will be written in a honest, thorough and expansive way, full of information and pictures, to make sure my readers will get a complete and full view of the webshop / brand and the product(s) or services they provide.

 I'm open to review any product for free, as long as it's related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle and as long as the product is suitable with my personality, my blog and my audience.

All reviews and opinions are based on my personal experiences and testing results, meaning these opinions are personal and will not necessary represent the opinion of the brand / webshop. Nor will they be in any way affected by the fact I received the products for free. Opinions will always be completely honest and sincere. Above that, a review will always be accompanied by a serie of high quality pictures and relevant info about your webshop / brand.

All posts, including reviews, will be shared on various Social Media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+, and will be posted to relevant blogging community's, including multiple Facebook groups for bloggers and various blogger groups on LinkedIn, Bloglovin, ByBeautyBloggers, Brandbacker, and The Blogger Programme, to ensure a maximum of exposure worldwide.

All pictures featured on Reviewed By Natje will be taken with my Canon Eos 1200D, a DSLR camera, to ensure the highest quality possible.

All sponsored posts will be online within 30 days (unless agreed otherwise)  and I always use follow links, to help you boost your page ranking.

I have a fanbase of +8500 on all Social Media platforms together, yet I'm still welcoming loyal new followers each day and I'm told I have a pleasant and enjoyable way of writing and beautiful pictures.

Collaborating with me is free of charge. Since you will be sending me the product you like me to review free of charge, I return that favor by creating a buzz and delivering you a whole lot of publicity and possible new clients. That way, it's a true win - win situation: you get to welcome new customers and I get the chance to test a brand new product. That way,  everyone will be happy! 😉

If we have already collaborated before, and you like my style, you're free to contact me again, if you like. I'm open for both one time opportunities (or two time opportunities... 😉) as for longlasting relationships as a brand ambassador.

When collaborating with me, you will be notified in every step I take and I always encourage brands and shops to share their thoughts, opinions, remarks, addings and questions with me, to make sure my review is complete, thorough and exactly what you want it to be. I will email you when I received the delivery and you will be noticed on when I publish the review. After publishing the review, you will be notifified by email again, which will include the link to the post. You're free to publish my post, including pictures, on your own website / blog / Social Media accounts too. But please link back if you do so! Thanks!

If you like to see how I build and write a sponsored review, you can read them all here.

You can download my Media Kit here.

If you represent a PR / press office or the media departement of your beauty or fashion related company, I'm also highly interested in receiving press releases or for my blog to be added to your presslist.

Please contact me for more information about collaborating with me or if you have any feedback, questions, remarks, thoughts, ideas or concerns. Feel free te send me an email at and see how we can help each other!

Thanks! I'm looking forward to collaborate with you!



Listed below are a few brands / shops I successfully collaborated with: 

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