Who am I?


Thirtysomething, mother of two, Sales Advisor, hobby photographer and, last but not least, a very active influencer from Belgium.
I’m Nathalie, a thirtysomething mother of 2 teenage daughters that likes to takes photographs, loves to blog and has a passion for all things beauty and fashion.

I live in a small country in Europe, called Belgium and I work as a Sales Advisor in a high fashion clothing store for ladies.
Once, a long time ago (that time when animals could talk, remember? 😉 Lol!) I used to own a blog already. Unfortately, due to some personal reasons and a lack of time, I had to quit blogging. But that blog itch remained itching though, so I decided it was time to get myself online again and start writing again.
This blog is build upon 3 big theme’s: fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Think reviews (the blog is called “Reviewed By Natje” after all, right? 😉) make up, outfits, recipes and food, DIY’s and interior design, personal posts once and a while, gadgets, movies, books, music and photography. About all you can possibly imagine! 😉
Take a look around and just give me a hands up if you need anything!

Webshop owners / brand managers that wants me to review a product or to host a giveaway, are very welcome too. I kindly direct you to my PR page to learn more.
Thanks again!